New to dock diving? Want to give it a try? Need help? Come to:

The NEXT Dock Dogs 101 will be held on August 15th. 

  • New to dock diving and want to give your dog a try?
  • Dock Dogs 101 is perfect for beginner dogs to the advanced dogs.
  • Dock Dogs 101 is hosted by: Rucker Horse and Pet and Dixie Dock Dog Club Members
  • Bring your dog’s favorite float-able toy with you when you come.
  • Please read all policies for your safety…Please read the following link for the Dixie Dock Dog Practice Rules.
  • The Last Dock Dogs 101 of the season will be Saturday August 15th.
  • Anyone with questions can call rucker or email the DDD practice coach, Jennifer Davis at:

Dock Dogs 201  will  be held on August 1st & 2nd and will be offering all disciplines on both days for convenience. 

  • Dock Dogs 201 is great for dogs that are currently jumping – even dogs that are hesitating.
  • All 3 disciplines will be offered. If you are new to Extreme Vertical “EV”  and Speed Retrieve “SR” this will be your chance to introduce your dog these disciplines, or hone areas that you feel you need to work on.
  • 30 minutes sessions or 1 hour privates sessions will be offered on August 1st & 2nd.
  • Lessons will be taught by Dixie’s Practice Coach Jennifer Davis.
  • We will work on timing, throwing, stride, breaking hesitation, the “pop”, body positioning, release, reaction time, and more…
  • $30 – Big Air “BA” 30 minutes/ $50 – 1 hr, $35 30 minutes Extreme Vertical “EV” and Speed Retrieve “SR”, discounts for multiple disciplines will be offered.
  • Anyone with questions can call rucker or email the DDD practice coach, Jennifer Davis at:

Rucker Horse and Pet, 3540 Keith Bridge Rd, Cumming Ga. Call to reserve your space: 770.844.7275

Dixie Dock Dogs practices:

* Rucker Horse and Pet in Cumming

Click here to Register for Practice We strongly encourage you to bring a crate for your dog. Although your dog may be quite well behaved on a leash, very often when he or she gets around all the other dogs jumping and playing in the water, he will become quite excited, and it might be difficult to hold him or her on a leash for an extended period of time.

Location information, including dates and times:

(Please note: practices are only scheduled a month in advance).

Practice times are:

Our next club practice will be ((Date to be announced soon!)).  Club Practices are reserved for MEMBERS ONLY. 

Also, you may reserve your own practice times with Rucker by calling: 770-844-7275

Look for our practice times to be posted throughout the season. Happy dock diving!! 



Rucker Horse and Pet

3540 Keith Bridge Rd.
Cumming, GA 30041


Rucker Horse & Pet
photo 5

This facility also has an Extreme Vertical pole, a Speed Retrieve rig, and is the only DockDogs regulation dock and pool in Georgia!


***Unless otherwise noted, practices are always the 3rd Sunday each month.***

Click here to register for practice

Click to prepay for practice


Please sign up for practices as space is limited! 

Procedure for Reserving a Place at Practice:

  •   Click here to register for practice. After you have posted that you want to come to practice, you will receive an email with directions to the practice dock and a copy of the practice rules.
  • Practice fee is $5.00 per dog. Please note that Dixie Dollars cannot be used for practice fees at the Rucker dock. You must prepay to have your spot held. Click to prepay for practice.

Practice reservations may be made only for the next, most upcoming practice. Reservations may not be made more than a month in advance.

What to bring to a Dixie DockDogs practice:

  • 4-ft. flat leash (you can tie up a longer leash to make it 4 feet)
  • water for your dog
  • toy or object that will float to throw for your dog
  • bags for poop pick-up
  • chair for you (optional)

Questions about Dixie DockDogs practices? contact us

We might, on some occasions, have to cancel a scheduled practice for various reasons. If so, we will post here on our website and on our Facebook page that the practice has been canceled.

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