Meet Our Members!

Meet Dixie Dock Dogs’ Members:

DDD President, Rebecca Grove with Jazz
and Chuck Grove (Vice President) with Duke

Grove Family Jazz 2 Rebecca and Sadie Rebecca and Jazz Ribbons

 Team Bullwinkle

Frank Utsch with Moose

Moose’s Bests:

Big Air: 19’10”; Extreme Vertical: 5’8″; Speed Retrieve: 8.349 Sec; Iron Dog: 2,564 Points

2012 World Championships Invite – Senior Division

and Karen Utsch & Brownie


Team Chocolate

Sabrina Sweeney-Garcia, Freddie Garcia,

Youth Handlers Owen, Jacob, Noah, and Ferran Garcia

with Kasha, Otter, Kodah and Apollo

2012 Dixie Dock Dogs’ Overall Team of the Year!

Kasha and Noah, & Rhapsody and Jacob: both teams just earned their National Senior Titles! Way to go!

Ferran 3 Jacob noah Ribbons sabrina

Not only do the Garcias dock dive, they run a great rescue:

Team Bailey

Linda Stewart (DDD Secretary) with Bailey

Dock Dog’s 2012 Most Improved Dog!

Bailey just earned his National Senior Title with Catherine Hentz!


bailey DSCN2370

Team Brainwaves

Adam Hentz, Robin Hentz and 

Youth Handler Catherine Hentz with Corey

Corey is also Catherine’s service dog and…

Dixie Dock Dogs’ 2012 Youth Handler of the Year and

Dock Dogs’ 2012 Most Inspiring Team

564198_3246188128465_1803922850_n - Copy65579_10200440617685420_124177669_nWarrior


 Team Piper Cub

Vicki, David and Youth Handler Dylan Kirkley

with Piper Cub and rising dock star Kendall!

Piper’s Best:

Big Air 19’1″. Big Air Senior Club Title with Dylan 

Speed Retrieve 9.522 Express

Big Air Junior Club Title with Vicki

dock diving

Piper Jumping Ribbons and Tired

Kendall hopes to be jumping off the dock next summer!


Maureen “Mo” Carter, and Rick Hoebeke with Reddog and Tally

Dixie Dock Dogs’ 2012 Rookie Team of the Year – Mo & Tally!

Tally just earned her Warrior Club Title in Iron Dog

and Extreme Vertical Cadet Title!

381028_4389337339016_1534843183_n 396070_4144970429996_408638616_n 577012_4389335458969_1794508822_n

Pat Trainor with Trout

Dixie Dock Dogs’ 2012 Most Exciting Team!

Trout’s Best: Big Air 23’6″

DSCN2429 trout02

Team 2-B

Spring Day with Basil and Brie

Basil’s Best: Big Air 9’8″
Brie’s Best:

basil01 Brie Big JumpBrie at Spring Rucker, 1st practice basil04 basil02

Team Lightning Creek

Michael and Judy Eyer with Sunshine, Abby, Augustus “Gus”, and Bailey

Abby is the Coach
Sunshine’s Best: Junior Big Air Club Title
Gus’ Best: Novice Big Air Club Title; Express Speed Retrieve Club Title

IMG_0252 DSC_9146 2011_Pet_Fest_0984 2011_Pet_Fest_0876

Team Go Rhap Go

Sam and Karen Gentsch with Rhapsody and ASCII, Youth Handler Jacob Garcia

Rhapsody and Jacob Garcia – National Senior Big Air Title
Rhapsody and Jacob Garcia – 2013 World Invite for Big Air – Youth Handler
Rhapsody and Sam Gentsch – 2012 World Invite for Big Air Elite
Rhapsody 2011 Miss Dixie Dock Dog

64536_4234423790612_661243054_n 558028_4234423430603_522265210_n rhap


Team Nathan, Jr.

Heather Gulden and Youth Handler, Jacob Garcia with Buffy and Nathan.

Nathan’s Best: Big Air Elite Club Title and Master National Title.


.facebook_-1728920398 YPAM09BOOK

Nathan works full time at Tucker Pet Supply as a greeter, is on the cover of Victoria Stilwell’s new training book ‘Positively’ and has also filmed training videos with her.

Nathan is proud to represent for Primal Pet Foods and OmegaQD who keep him primed and fueled to Rock the Dock!

Margaret Mayer (Treasurer) with Bunker

Bunker & me 4 Dixie Dock Doggie Plazoo 004 IMG_8034 IMG_8037

Team Tracy & Lacy

Tracy and Lance McClain with Lacey

Lacey’s Best: Big Air 19’6″


Team American Dog Training

Jennifer Davis with Ashka, Ralph and Prince

Ashka’s Best: 

Big Air Master Club Title

Senior National Title

Big Air Personal Best: 23’7″

Extreme Vertical Personal Best: 7’5″

3rd Place 2013 World Champion Junior Division

Ralph’s Best:

Big Air Junior Club & Junior National Titles

Big Air Personal Best: 15’7″

2012 World Championship Invite  

Prince’s Best:

Big Air Club and National Senior Titles

Big Air Personal Bet: 20’5″

Echo’s Best:

Big Air Super Elite Club Title

Big Air Master National Title

Big Air Personal Best 27’4″

Extreme Vertical Personal Best 7’2″


Davis 1 Davis 2 Davis 3 Davis 4
Prince, Ashka, and Echo are all trained in civil protection.




Team Fox on Fire

Jumping since 2008!

With Megan Underwood

Fox has a 2013 invite to Dock Dog World Championships for Lap dog and Veteran Dog!

Jäger has a 2013 invite to Dock Dog World Championship for Speed Retrieve Express!

6577_808461805314_55074078_n 314811_3652965155940_1602099944_n 525928_3310619277507_1435286593_n Aug 2013 2 Aug 2013

Fox: (Crossed the Rainbow Bridge – Fox, you will be missed!)

13 year old Corgi/Beagle mix- retired master-level agility dog, therapy dog, cheerleader.

Strider: 5 year old Greyhound/Lab mix- champion lure cousing lurcher

Big Air Personal Best: 12 feet

Jack: 8 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix

First US Lapdog to be an Iron dog; First US lapdog to do EV; First Lapdog to hit 5 feet in Extreme Vertical … and only 14″ tall!
National titles: Junior BA (PB 15′ 10″) Express SR (PB 8.310sec) Cadet EV (PB 5′) Iron dog PB 2630.28
Club titles: Senior BA (PB 16’3″) Express SR (PB 7.778 seconds) Cadet EV (PB 5′)

Jäger: “Foothill’s Just One Shot” 2 year old Pudelpointer.
National titles:Senior BA (PB 20’6″) Express SR (PB 8.011seconds) Cadet EV (PB 6’4″) Iron dog PB 2855.00

Team Rippin’ Rosie

With John, Marie (Board Member), Brandon and Youth Handler Jada Robinson

Personal  Air BigBest to date – at only 7 months old…16’4″

RippinRosie_4x8 (2)




All Smiles




EVMom Ribbons Rippin RosieRosie 2 Rosie Stone Mtn

Team Ohana
With Sherri, Marcelo and Marc Fuentes with their Rottweiler, Lady!

Aug 4 2013 Aug 2013 Team Ohana

Team Frisbee Freaks

Handler Amy Wright & Youth Handler Amanda DiJohn with Scout, Dakota, Deacon, and the team cheerleaders Harley & Dallys!

Scout – 4 yr old Belgian Malinois
2012 Dockdogs Worldwide Most Exciting Team
Titles: Super Elite, Turbo, Top Gun, Titan 
Personal Bests: 
BA: 27’7″ (dockdogs. 28’6″ other)
EV: 7′
SR: 5.88
ID: 3046.03
2013 Eastern Regional Speed Retrieve Turbo Champion
2013 Eastern Regional Super Elite 4th Place
2013 World Championships Invites in Super Elite, Turbo, and Iron Dog Titan
2012 World Championships Invites in Elite, Turbo, Top Gun, and Iron Dog

Dakota – 5 yr old German Shepherd
Title: Big Air Novice
Personal Best BA: 12’11
2012 World Championships Invite Novice
Deacon – 4 yr old Belgian Malinois
2012 Rookie of the Year
Titles: Junior, Turbo, Top Gun
Personal Bests:
BA: 16’3″
Ev: 6’2″
SR: 6.74
ID: 2852.46

Scout and Dakota are both Certified Narcotics Detection Dogs


Team Cold Nose College
Jumping since June 2013

willow with ribbons finals DSC_8750-copy-2 focused sit stay IMG_2163 lisa throwing willow jumping morgan lisa willow stone mountain LisaWaggoner1_print morgan Willow parting water

Willow, is an effervescent, confident, 2 year old Australian Shepherd who has been trained using positive reinforcement training techniques. She’s also a working dog and Mascot of Cold Nose College, a positive dog training and education center founded by Lisa Lyle Waggoner, CPDT-KA, PMCT2, her trainer and doggie mom.

Willow earned her Club Junior Big Air Title in her very first dock diving competition at the Cohutta Challenge in Blue Ridge, Georgia in June of 2013 with a personal best of 14’10”. She followed that up by earning her National Junior Big Air title during her second competition at Summer on the Rock in July 2013 in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Big Air Personal Best 14’10”

When not on the dock, you can find Willow enjoying K9 Nose Work, Agility, romping in the pasture on the farm with her brother, Cody, a 6 year old Australian Shepherd and enjoying many a squirrel chase. You can find dock diving and other training videos on the Cold Nose College YouTube Channel, as well as dog training and behavior advice on the Cold Nose College blog:

See you on the dock!


Nancy Glass with her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Phoenix

image image image_1

Leah and James Smith with their Golden Retriever, Libby; Shih Tzu Indy; Maltese, Zoey and newest member, Golden Retriever, Luke.


Pictured is Libby

Team Gunslinger
With Heather Murray and her Black Lab Outlaw

10174909_10152153321628107_2270389977132330938_n 10388143_10152155851983107_8371640743532212681_nIMG_8436 IMG_5441 IMG_8542

Personal best: 11’1 in Big Air

Team Blue Creek

Shep with McKenna Copeland

Personal Best: Big Air – 14 feet, 10 inches!

Holds a Youth Big Air Junior Title and Junior Club Title

4 3 2




Linda and dogs Dock diving lindaLinda Reel with her High Fliers, Angus and Gunner

Linda passed away May 9th, 2014 and will be greatly missed by Dixie Dock Dogs. She was a great person, competitor and friend that we loved dearly!

Other members not pictured:

Catherine Allred with Border Collie, Lizzy

Matthew Bohn with his GSP, Flyer

Annamarie Bryant with her Lab mix Abby and pit mix Karma

Kelly and Paul Bryant with their Flat Coated Retrievers, Charlie and Leica

Dori Chestnut with her GSP, Sadie

Mark and youth handlers Luke and Katie DiJohn with their lab mix, Georgia

Perry Donato with her Border Collie, Axel and Am Staff, Henry

Machelle Harlow with her Lab, Nahla

Susan and Kevin McCutchan with their Golden Retrievers, Nell and Finn

Larry and Mary Pauley with their Yellow Lab, Harley

Darrah Rorrer with her Lab mix, Mattie

Ken and Faith Wallace with their GSDs Inara and J’Fa

Danie & Howard Arnt with their Mixed Breed, Seeker and Whippet, Kona

Marie & Alan Moy with their dogs, Bubba, Georgia and Belle

Heather Murray and Johnathon Carter with their Lab Outlaw

Tamara O’neill with her Whippet, Theia

David VanSant with his dog Agent

For information on membership, contact Vicki Kirkley

Download Membership Application Here: New Membership Application

Membership Renewal: Renewal Application



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