DDD News!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our 2013 Dixie Dock Dogs Award Recipients!!!

Amanda DiJohn
Catherine Hentz
Dylaln Kirkley
Erin LaForce
Ferran Garcia
Fiona Tinley
Jacob Garcia
Jada Robinson
Luke DiJohn
Noah Garcia
Richie Mohr

Big Air Novice- Amy Wright and Dakota
Big Air Youth Novice- Noah Garcia and Appollo
Big Air Junior- Amy Wright & Deacon
Big Air Youth Junior- Luke DiJohn and Corey
Big Air Senior- Leah Gangelhoff and Konner
Big Air Youth Senior- Catherine Hentz and Bailey
Big Air Master- Mindy Len& Cody
Big Air Youth Master- Jacob Garcia & Rhap
Big Air Elite- Chuck Grove & Duke
Big Air Youth Elite, Iron Dog Titan, Speed Retrieve Turbo, Extreme Vertical Top Gun –Catherine Hentz and Georgia
Big Air Super Elite, Speed Retrieve Turbo- Amy Wright and Scout
Speed Retrieve Express- Megan Underwood & Jager
Iron Dog Youth Warrior, Speed Retrieve Youth Express – Noah Garcia & Cheyenne
Extreme Vertical Cadet- Linda Stewart & Bailey
Extreme Vertical Youth Cadet- Catherine Hentz and Corey
Iron Dog Warrior- Frank Utsch & Moose
Iron Dog Titan, Extreme Vertical Top Gun, Speed Retrieve Sonic – Mark DiJohn & Georgia

Rookie of the Year- Spring Day and Brie
Most Inspiring Team – DJ Layman and Cheyenne
Youth Handler of the Year- Noah Garcia
Sports Person of the Year- Sabrina Sweeney Garcia
Most Exciting Team of the Year- Chuck Grove and Dukie
Overall Team of the Year- Marie Moy and Bubba

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