Dock Diving … An Introduction.

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Dock Diving is a world-wide canine sport.  Dixie DockDogs is affiliated with is DockDogs Worldwide and more information you can visit the DockDogs website.

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Dock Diving is when a dog runs down a 40-foot regulation dock and jumps into either a pool or body of water. The dog’s motivation is a toy, which can be anything from a tennis ball to a stuffed animal. Dock diving is open to any dogs six (6) months or older, any breed, and any person seven (7) years of age and older. There are three disciplines in dock diving; “Big-Air”, “Speed Retrieve” and “Extreme Vertical”. Competitors may compete in one, two or all three disciplines. If the team competes in all three, then they are considered a fourth discipline called “Iron Dog”.

Big Air

Big Air® is a “long jump for dogs”. The Dog, which may be placed anywhere on to the 40′ dock, runs, & jumps into the water after a throw toy. The distance is judged from the end of the dock to where the tail set of the dog breaks the water’s surface.

Division Jump Distancestone mtn Novice 0’1” – 9’11” Junior 10’0” – 14’11” Senior 15’0” – 19’11” Master 20’0” – 22’11” Elite 23’0” – 24’11” Super Elite 25’ and above National Events Amateur 17’11” or less Semi Pro 18’0” – 21’11” Pro 22’0” or greater

Extreme Vertical

Extreme Vertical® is a “high jump” for dogs. The dog starts off at the 20′ mark on the dock & jumps up to a bumper toy extended out 8′ from the end of the dock over the water. The starting height for Extreme Vertical® is 4’6″ and goes up in 2″ increments as competition progresses.

Brie Big JumpDivision Jump Height

Cadet Up to 5’11”

Top Gun 6’0” to 6’11” High Flyer 7’0” and above

Speed Retrieve

Speed Retrieve® is a “timed event”. At the far end of the pool a bumper toy is suspended 2″ above the water with a starting indicator above it. The dog is then placed at the 20′ white mark on the dock; when the light turns green the handler releases the dog. The time clock stops ticking when the dog has pulled the toy from the Speed Retrieve® bracket.

Piper Speed Retrieve

Division Scored Time Sonic < 5.999 seconds Turbo 6.000 – 7.999 seconds Express > 8.000 seconds

August 2013 1

Iron Dog

Iron Dog™ is similar to a triathlon. Dogs that are registered as an Iron Dog™, will have their best score in each of the three disciplines from the event (Big Air®, Speed Retrieve®, and Extreme Vertical®) calculated from the points table. The goal is to achieve the highest points table.

Division Total Score Spartans 3000 + points Titans 2800.001 to 2999.999 Warriors Up to 2800 points

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